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Care proceedings often involve highly sensitive and stressful issues for parents, children and the wider family.

Care proceedings are issued by local authorities when they have serious concerns about the welfare of a child.  Those concerns can include neglect, physical and emotional abuse and sexual abuse.  In any of these circumstances, the local authority can apply to the courts for a number of Orders, which may result in the child being removed from the care of his or her family and placed in foster care or with alternative carers.

Those Orders include:-

Supervision Orders

A local authority can apply to a court for this Order when it is believed that the child, parent or family require advice and/or support from the local authority in order to address the concerns that social services may have about the child.

Care Orders

Care Orders are applied when a local authority deems it necessary for the welfare of a child that the local authority shares parental responsibility for that child.  A Care Order enables a local authority to make decisions about the child, in consultation with the parents, including decisions about where the child may live.  The parents or those with parental responsibility do not have to agree with those decisions, although they can still be made by the court when an interim Care Order is in place.

Our Child Care lawyers are experts in handling care proceedings, including those with an international element, not only from a legal standpoint but also from an emotional one, advising and supporting children and their families from day one.

Our team includes lawyers who are members of the Family Law panel, Children panel, BAAF and NAGALRO.

Parents and children within care proceedings are eligible for funding through Legal Aid regardless of financial means.  Other family members may also qualify for Legal Aid, depending upon their circumstances.  Our Child Care team can advise you on this and arrange funding on your behalf.

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