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Trusts are an ideal way to protect your accumulated wealth when family circumstances are not straight-forward.

Some examples may include people on their second marriage, children with dependency issues, beneficiaries on means-tested benefits, or children who are going through divorce.

Trusts are seen as one of the best ways to preserve your assets for future generations, and they are sometimes used to reduce tax liabilities.

Trusts can be particularly beneficial if you are domiciled outside the UK for tax purposes, as they can protect your overseas assets from UK inheritance tax.

Taking advantage of trusts can also mean avoiding having to obtain probate when you die, as your inheritance can all be accounted for in trusts.  Trusts also ensure confidentiality, as they are held in the name of the trustee.

Our Wills, Trusts and Probate team can advise you on what trusts are best for you, as well as the protections they provide.  Our lawyers can create trusts that allow you to have as much, or as little, involvement in their management as you wish.

We offer our own trust management service, as well as having links with wealth management companies and independent financial advisers, providing you with ongoing trust and tax advice, particularly for those with larger trusts that require regular review.

Our lawyers’ service is bespoke to each individual’s needs, and client care and highly-qualified, practical advice is our main focus.





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