With you in business, with you in life.

Blaser Mills Law is a leading law firm based in the South East with offices in High Wycombe, Amersham, Rickmansworth, Silverstone and London.

We are a full-service firm, offering a comprehensive range of legal services to businesses and private individuals. We act for blue-chip companies that are household names as well as SMEs, entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organisations.

Blaser Mills Law has expanded into international markets, regularly advising clients in the UK doing business overseas and international clients wanting to invest in the UK.

The firm has a rich history and we have retained our reputation for high-quality legal advice from lawyers who are experts in their fields. At the same time, our modern and innovative approach means that we deliver practical and cost-effective solutions.

We understand the true value of bright, dedicated professionals who believe that a partnership approach with our clients delivers what they really need.
Jonathan Lilley, Managing Partner

Blaser Mills Law provides support at every stage of a business life cycle; from formation, to growth, to sale. We act for all sizes of business client, including start-ups; privately owned, family businesses; and multibillion-pound, multinational PLCs. Our offering to clients is both broad and substantial, enabling us to have a holistic view of individual challenges.

As our clients’ businesses grow, every day brings new challenges. We use the law to turn problems, threats and dangers into opportunities. We keep them informed of changes to the law and best practices. We proactively highlight the issues our clients need to be aware of when expanding their businesses, in the UK or overseas. More than this, in a complaint-based culture, we offer assurance and security to our clients.

When our clients work with us on big decisions such as acquiring a competitor, hiring a CEO, or investing in new premises, our advice is valued not just for its problem-solving, but for its strategic insight.
Colin Smith, Partner

We’re immensely proud of the work our private client teams do, with many of our senior lawyers having local and national standing. So while we offer advice on everything from property, to family and divorce, to trusts and Wills, working with families and people from all walks of life means personal law isn’t just about case law, it’s about understanding human stories. Not only can we help you in times of difficulty, we are also there for you when times are good, as a trusted adviser. We understand that the best service we give to clients is working with them over time, making the law work to help them achieve their goals.

As people live longer, financial security for our clients and their families is an ongoing concern. Knowing our clients’ aspirations and anxieties helps us offer the legal advice they need. Our personal law services often impact everyday life. What are the options in addressing inheritance tax? How do couples ring-fence their finances when entering into a relationship? Should clients seeking to invest be looking at property as a sound investment?

In the digital age there are plenty of options for those seeking fast, off-the-shelf legal advice, which appear to provide one-size-fitsall answers. However, developing meaningful relationships with our clients means we can provide solutions that are beneficial, practical and tailored to their needs.
Alexandra Kirk, Partner