Many non-EU businesses operate inside the European Union (EU), even if they do not have a corporate office within the EU.

If a business operates in this way then they may, under Article 27 of the GDPR, be required to designate a representative in the EU. The business will require an EU representative if they process personal data of data subjects who are in the EU, where these activities relate to either the offering of goods or services, or the monitoring of their behaviour.

Blaser Mills Law can act as an EU representative and we fit all of the requirements for performing the role:

  • We are a leading law firm and our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of GDPR and specialist data protection expertise;
  • We have lawyers who are IT Governance qualified GDPR Practitioners and qualified to act as Data Protection Officers (DPOs);
  • Our lawyers are experienced in advising businesses on data protection, as well as liaising with the ICO (Independent Commissioner’s Office);
  • Based in the UK, an EU member state;
  • Our lawyers are English speaking allowing for easy and efficient communication;
  • We are members of IR Global, an international network of trusted law firms and have access to law firms in all other EU member states.

If your business requires an EU representative, we can help. As an appointed EU GDPR representative, we will:

  • Register our EU member state address as your local GDPR representative;
  • Act as your EU point of contact for communications from either individuals (data subjects) or local data protection authorities, in relation to subject access requests and other general data enquiries.

In addition to our representative services, as experienced data protection lawyers, we can provide the following additional services:

  • We can advise businesses on meeting obligations relating to GDPR;
  • We can assist and advise with regards to breach reporting;
  • We can advise businesses on other areas of UK business related law.

For more information about our EU representation service, please contact James Simpson on or call 01494 478689.